African Characters

The biggest project we’ve ever worked on so far

These african characters were seen in 3D animated video we did for Dubai Chamber. The size of the projection screen was effectively the biggest we’ve ever worked on, spanning 44 meters across and 4 meters high. It had 6 projectors with a total video resolution output of 20,925 pixels by 1080 pixels.
Check it out here:

The project came in at the last moment so we had about a month to put together a 2 minutes wow factor film which in itself was a challenge but the bigger issue was the amount of 3d rendering required as we needed to render the equivalent of 13 FULL HDTV 2 minute films to get the pixels for this one film.





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Original and visually stunning

Pure CGI and motion graphics film

by Real Image

Behind the original, visually stunning, pure CGI and motion graphics film all done in-house.

Original and visually stunning

Watch the full version here





Animated Video

Animated Video

This scene consists of an animated background of the city with 3D flying vehicles, a full 3D model of the restaurant, props combined with various live action talents shot on green screen.
The entire shot was rendered using REDSHIFT GPU rendered.

Watch full video here:










The Journey – 3D Animation Video

Our latest work – The Journey for the Government of Dubai Media Office. A 3D animation that chronicles the most important achievements of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Gulf News featured and reviewed The Journey today, read more about the article here.

2013 UAE National Day Campaign

Check out the gallery as we feature 2 new projects for the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Community Development for the 42nd celebration of UAE National Day 2013.



DCCI MRM Business Awards 2013

Our project DCCI MRM Business Awards 2013 is finally online.  This 2.5 mins. HDTV TVC is for Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s campaign to promote the Mohammed Bin Rashid Business Awards 2013. 100% chroma and 100% digital. The film set is a modern living space in the near future where the talent interacts with a three dimensional hologram of Dubai .

Work in Progress…

A part of the project we are working on – creating an underwater scene with marine life. We created 3D models and animated them for a film project.

The turtle in the images below were modeled and textured in MAYA with details sculpted in ZBrush.

Dolphin Energy – Khalid’s Adventures

Supplementing Dolphin Energy’s 3D Animated film is a  48-page full color comic book for children entitled “Khalid’s Adventures”. The comic book is both in English and Arabic.

The story was brought about by Khalid’s innocence focusing on a conversation between him and his father. It entails how Dolphin Energy produces and transport gas making it useful to mankind while maintaining its responsibility towards protecting the environment.

Dolphin Energy Update

Dolphin Energy’s 3D animation was finally completed. The film runs for 6.5 mins. and is now available in our Work Page for viewing.

Along with the film, there is also a comic book for children. Follow this blog and soon we will introduce, Khalid and his adventures!

Zac and Penny

Real Image unveils their new work for Toronto,Canada – ZAC & PENNY.

ZAC & PENNY is a fun, fast-paced dose of fantasy for kids of all ages specifically aimed at the 6 to 10 year old market. The show is “edutainment” at its best as it combines real learning with delightful, heartfelt characters.

Meet the Characters (From L-R): Thelonius Smudge, Zac the boy, Jazz the Canary, Penny Pepper, Ben the Clock, Wally Smudge and Aubrianna Belle.

The Castle

Concept art for ZAC. Pencil and Digital 297 x 420 mm.

The castle’s library interior.