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Cover Feature Digital Studio Magazine Feb 2019 Issue

Aiham Ajib, CEO of Real Image TV Production explains the art of 3D Animation and the effort that went into a first-of-its-kind animated short they produced for the UAE government – a stunning achievement for 3D animation work in the region.

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The art of 3D animation

Check out the Interview with Aiham Ajib,
CEO of Real Image: the art of 3D animation

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Top 50 companies you need to know

Pro50 Book is just out!
Top 50 companies you need to know

Watch our award winning video in the link below:
Mohammad Bin Rashid Business Awards Video
Client: Dubai Chamber
Award: Best in #Animated Work of 2017
One of our 1st project requiring an output resolution of 9148 X 1716 pixels that is almost five times the width of FULL HD.

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Digital Studio Magazine April 2018 Issue is just out!

Meet the winners!
Digital Studio Magazine April 2018 Issue is just out!

Real Image Production bagged 3 awards
– Special Effects/CGI
Mohammad Bin Rashid Business Awards video- Dubai Chamber

– Excellence in Post-Production
Pro Dubai video- Dubai Chamber

– Best Editing Award
Dubai Water Canal Documentary


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Real and Great – Digital Studio Awards Magazine 2016 Issue

It was animation!

Real Image TV won the award for its Ministry of Culture – Beach & Desert UAE Army TVC.
Aiham Ajib, managing director of Real Image said: “We had a problem with this project in that no-one knew it was animation! It always feels good to win an award. It’s important for us to be recognized every year for our work and our work only.

Real and Great

The winning entry, a TV commercial produced for the Ministry of Culture demonstrated the power of CGI with military precision! The winning project was a 3D animated film of soldiers moving in the field in super slow motion. It has the appearance of a live action shot but was filmed at 500 frames per second. The judges said that the winning company had lived up to its reputation of “upping its game” and described the winning selection as “REAL and GREAT”.

From features films to TV series and commercials, CGI is taken an ever more central role in film production. While the technology and software may have developed rapidly in the past few years, it is important to remember that the wonders we see on screen are created by teams of talented artists who are using software as the modern day equivalent of a paintbrush and canvas. The competition may been restricted to fewer players in this category, but this was more than made up for by the quality of the productions.







Digital Studio Awards 2016 awarded Real Image TV Production for 3D Animated Film

3D Animation and Post Production company—
Real Image, made it again this year 2016!

Our Ministry of Culture Beach & Desert  UAE Army TVC got Best Special Effects/CGI Award. Aiham Ajib collected the award for Real Image.
Aiham Ajib is the Managing Director of Real Image since 1996 to present. Real Image special services are
3D Animation, Post Production, Film Production, Storyboard, Graphics, VFX, Architectural Visualization, CGI, Content Creation, Character Animation, Full HD Solution, Motion Graphic.

3D animated Film Challenges and Goal

The project goal was to create a 3D animated film of soldiers moving around in the field and appearing to be live action shot on film at 500 Frames per second, that is, 5 seconds of movements will theoretically give us around one and half minutes of film.

The challenge: to animate the movements of these 3D character soldiers and the environments until they were barely moving yet keep the motion cinematically correct.

We found that we needed to animate very subtle changes in the scene such as the slight bending of wrinkles on the clothing. Other subtleties included slow motion movement  of debris, dust and sprays of water. we also had to animate the slow motion action of focus pulling, shutter noise and camera movement.

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AN2A6344     AN2A6271

AN2A6359     MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes-2

MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes-4    MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes

MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes5  MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes-1


Our 3D animated Rhino was published at Digital Studio Magazine March Issue 2015

Our 3D animated Rhino was published at Digital Studio Magazine March Issue 2015

Pushing the boundaries of production with a combination of live action, animation and graphics, dramatic scenes from around the world unfold from the pages of a book in front of a gathering of people around a conference table. The hyper realistic 3D animation was achieved using modeling, texturing, rigging and animation.

Digital Studio Magazine March Issue 2015 featured Real Image TV Production as a Double Winner.

Our Africa Global Business Forum video won the Special Effects / CGI Award and Excellence in Post Production Award. Aiham Ajib, MD of Real Image collected the awards.

Visit the Digital Production ME website below:

Campaign for Bartercard UAE

Real Image TV Production: 2D Animation

Dubai-based video production company Real Image Production has recently worked on a 2D-animated campaign to promote Bartercard UAE – operating in over 72 offices around the world and staffing over 600 employees, Bartercard UAE is a business marketplace with 55,000 cardholders who barter-trade over $60m every month.

Our choice of using 2D animation

“It is always a fine balancing act when you want to turn a message into a moving picture, because there is a delicate line between entertaining the viewers and the transmission of information.We did our best to maintain this balance. Thankfully, our choice of using 2D animation as the main tool in the concept turned out to be the right one.”

Our 2D animation for Bartercard was featured in Communicate. You can read the full article in the below link.


The Journey – 3D Animation Video

Our latest work – The Journey for the Government of Dubai Media Office. A 3D animation that chronicles the most important achievements of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Gulf News featured and reviewed The Journey today, read more about the article here.