Real Image are ready to work on Animation and graphics

Shooting is done!

Real Image team are ready and excited to work on Animation and graphics for Dubai Chamber of Commerce project.



Sneak Peek – New Corporate Film

We just finished shooting for a new project and here are a few snapshots to give you a sneak peek of what we are up to.
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Behind the Scenes – UAE National Day 2013

Snapshots during our UAE National Day 2013 shoot for Ministry of Culture , Youth & Community Development. The TVC was filmed on 35 mm. and will be ready next week to be broadcasted all over UAE’s TV stations.

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Behind the Scenes – DCCI Corporate Film

A look at Real Image Production’s shoot for Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Corporate Film.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum to create a favorable business environment for its members, supporting the development of business, and promoting Dubai as an international business hub.

RTA’s 41st UAE National Day Campaign

Behind the scenes of Real Image’s shoot for Roads and Transport Authority’s 41st UAE National Day campaign.

Roads and Transport Authority’s campaign objective is to honor the UAE Flag in celebration of UAE’s 41st National Day and to promote the use of seat belts among commuters. The shoot was done for week using an Alexa camera.

Final Video of Roads and Transport Authority’s 41st UAE National Day Campaign.

Behind the Scenes – DCCI Project

It’s been awhile and now we’re back to give you an update of what were up to. Here’s a glimpse on the behind the scenes of our DCCI MRM Business Awards 2012 shoot.

DCCI’S two and a half minute HDTV TVC for our loyal clients at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce to promote Mohammed Bin Rashid Business Award 2012.100% chroma and 100 & digital except for the talent, of course. Set in a modernistic living space in the near future, our talent interacts with a three dimensional hologram of Dubai . Thanks to maestro Franco Paroni and his steady handed crew. Our Director Aiham Ajib got his shots down pat with that hand held feel on a crazy dolly , pan , pitch and zoom (yes all in one move). A note to our Tracking & Roto department – this job is not for the faint hearted!!

Zac and Penny

Real Image unveils their new work for Toronto,Canada – ZAC & PENNY.

ZAC & PENNY is a fun, fast-paced dose of fantasy for kids of all ages specifically aimed at the 6 to 10 year old market. The show is “edutainment” at its best as it combines real learning with delightful, heartfelt characters.

Meet the Characters (From L-R): Thelonius Smudge, Zac the boy, Jazz the Canary, Penny Pepper, Ben the Clock, Wally Smudge and Aubrianna Belle.

The Castle

Concept art for ZAC. Pencil and Digital 297 x 420 mm.

The castle’s library interior.

Flying high.

Just when things aren’t always possible in the real world, our team of 3D modelers, animators and CG artists will do the trick to make things look genuine. Here’s the process we would like to share on creating a hot air balloon flying high in UAE colors.

Here’s the original footage of the balloon.

The team modeled a new one and added people in the scene…

Finally, texture was applied complete with the UAE Flag colors.

Finished product

UAE Flag Shoot

A look behind the scenes of the UAE Flag Campaign shoot.

Real Image was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to produce two films which were aired during the celebration of UAE’s 39th National Day. Shot in Al Mamzar Park in Dubai, a 35 mm ARRI camera was used for the Hot Air Balloon and Photron High Speed camera for the Airplane.