Real Image, made it again this year 2016

Published on 14 Mar 2016

Real Image, made it again this year 2016!



Our Ministry of Culture Beach & Desert  UAE Army TVC got Best Special Effects/CGI Award. Aiham Ajib collected the award for Real Image.
Aiham Ajib is the Managing Director of Real Image since 1996 to present. Real Image special services are
3D Animation, Post Production, Film Production, Storyboard, Graphics, VFX, Architectural Visualization, CGI, Content Creation, Character Animation, Full HD Solution, Motion Graphic.



AN2A6344     AN2A6271


3D animated Film Challenges and Goal

The project goal was to create a 3D animated film of soldiers moving around in the field and appearing to be live action shot on film at 500 Frames per second, that is, 5 seconds of movements will theoretically give us around one and half minutes of film.

The challenge: to animate the movements of these 3D character soldiers and the environments until they were barely moving yet keep the motion cinematically correct.

We found that we needed to animate very subtle changes in the scene such as the slight bending of wrinkles on the clothing. Other subtleties included slow motion movement  of debris, dust and sprays of water. we also had to animate the slow motion action of focus pulling, shutter noise and camera movement.




MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes-2

MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes-4    MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes

MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes5  MOC Army Super Slow Motion TVC_22-10-2015_HiRes-1


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